West Texas 03/18/2012

West Texas 03/18/2012

My initial target for this day was the Anson,TX area.

After arrival it was apparent that I needed to relocate a bit further west to Snyder as storms were beginning to fire near there.

At Snyder I picked up a cell that developed north of town that was moving NE and headed up highway 208.

Along highway 83 south of Guthrie I was treated to a brief white funnel.

The cell then became tornado warned as the NWS Lubbock office had been monitoring my live stream.

Traveling east on hwy. 82 I stopped east of Guthrie where I measured >1.00"

hail stones on live stream which prompted a new severe warning for King Co.

I encountered my second funnel approximately 4 miles north of Benjamin.

Traveling further north I saw yet more hail measuring between 3/4 and 1" diameter.

There were a few larger stones which I didn't get a chance to measure.

Entering Crowell it was evident that the storm was now losing strength and was

outflow dominate. It finally dissipated near Thalia.

Total miles driven: = 618

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