Oklahoma 04/13/2012

Oklahoma 04/13/2012

I started this day west of Altus, OK. where found a cell that looked promising.
The storm became tornado warned north of Altus near Blair.

North of Altus I took E 1600 east toward the community of Friendship.
Along the way I watched as RFD winds caused damage to trees and utility lines.
There was also damage at Friendship as shingles from a church roof were blown off.

I followed N 2100 south back to hwy.62 turning east toward Snyder,OK. stopping along the way.

Continuing past Snyder I took hwy. 54 north.

An area of circulation was passing just south of Cooperton, OK. Rain was wrapping
around this area reducing visibility. That, combined with a little chaser convergence
on this narrow strip of road made me decide to stay back a bit. I took some
video then called off the chase and returned home.

Total miles driven: = 410

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