West Oklahoma 05/25/2012

West Oklahoma 05/25/2012

Today I had chasers Erik Fox and David Reimer riding along as we trekked across SW
and western Oklahoma in search of storms.
Enroute we made a pit stop at the mesonet south of Tipton,OK that was ripped out
by the EF-4 tornado on 11/07/2011.
Obviously it has since been repaired and is ready once again to collect data.

As we neared Sayre,OK a few very slow moving storms fired west and southwest of us.
We drove west on I-40 a bit to get a few shots and check data.

Driving south of Sayre we got a closer look while staying well out of the hail core that
shown on radar.

Along the way we did run across a DOW and crew out sampling the storms.

After a little discussion we decide to go north of Sayre and see if the storm would
do better moving into a richer environment. It held together enough to give us
a decent sunset light show.

David and Russ Contreras, who met us north of town are seen here getting a few shots.

Here is Erik busy checking data.

We wandered around in the oil patch east of Cheyenne OK
at dusk as the storm tried to keep our interest. While it didn't produce a tornado for us
other storms had erupted in Kansas and were producing long-lived, nearly stationary tornadoes.
Hearing the constant stream of reports, pics and video coming from there made
for a very interesting ride home.

Total miles driven: = 618

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