Near Hale Center,TX 10/12/2012

Near Hale Center,TX 10/12/2012

I began my chase day waking up in Amarillo,TX to 55 degrees and cold rain, obviously on the wrong side of the front. I traveled south to Tulia,TX making a traditional Allsups burrito stop. Afterward I headed to Plainview to pick up Mark 'Storm' Farnik whose transportation situation wasn't cooperating. In Plainview I met with several chasers as we all converged at the local McDonalds.

We hung around and looked at data for a while then disbanded. We decided to amble west along US 70 while waiting for something to pop. Finally a cell worth noting popped to our east near Plainview. We headed back east on 70 to intercept. As we got nearer we noticed a couple of much more robust cells firing south near Abernathy. We shot south on I-27 then west on 54 a few miles to get a good close look at the base of one of the cells.

The first cell was getting robbed by the one to it's south. We hung around under the first meso and attempted to get hopelessly stuck on one of the regions red, slippery roads. Carefully extracting ourselves from the ooze we repositioned further east back toward I-27 to intercept the southern cell which was now dominate and turning northeast. It produced a most picturesque rotating wall cloud as it crossed the highway.

Looking east from the service road near Alley we could see several funnels making very brief ground contacts, kicking up a little bit of dust and only lasting a few seconds.

We followed the service road up to and turned east on C.R. 275 punching the core. As the rain and small hail let up were treated to two snake-like tubes dancing around a larger area of rapid circulation off to our south.

We continued east, stopping at an abandoned homestead and watched as the area circulation passed to the north.

We turned north on C.R. 400 and watched as the storm produced a multi-vortex tornado to our west.

After it expired we noticed another funnel further to the north near the intersection of C.R. 400 and C.R. 37. Even though there was no solid condensation all the way down to the ground it was obviously making ground contact as it lofted several pieces of debris.

We followed C.R. 37 east to C.R. 789, stopping along the way to take more pics and video. As it was getting dark our visibility was deteriorating but frequent lightning helped illuminate things for us a bit. Following C.R. 789 to C.R. 2883 we eventually made it to US 70 then southeast to Lockney were we turned north on C.R. 378 for a final stop for pics and video.

Total miles driven: = 974

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