Olney,TX 04/09/2013

Olney, TX 04/09/2013

This afternoon a cold front approached north Texas setting the stage for possible severe storms.
Unfortunately the KFDR (Fredrick, OK) radar site was down and was reported to have
techs working on the problem. While monitoring data from surrounding sites during the day
I noticed an interesting anomaly in the form of a spike on the KDFW (Dallas / Ft.Worth)
radar site as its beam pointed toward KFDR.. signs of possible life!
A very good omen as the KFDR site was to prove quite useful later in the afternoon.

Finally storms began forming along the front from Throckmorton, TX up through Oklahoma.
Approaching from the east this tower was clearly visible from Archer City.

We watched a few cells in the area west of Archer City for a bit but decided to try for some
cells that were back building in the line further southwest near Throckmorton.
Being on or right behind the cold front the bases were high as the storms were being undercut
by cold air. Even so we were still treated to great views of mid level rotation and hail cores.

We dealt with several barrages of hail ranging from around an inch up to ping pong balls at times.
One of the heaviest hits we received was as we entered Windhorst, TX headed east
through the core one last time.

Though no tornadoes were seen it was a very enjoyable chase with good company in
the form of Jenny Brown, Justin Terveen, Shane Adams and Bridget Geaughan.
A great way to kick off the 2013 chase season indeed.

Total miles driven: = 353

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