Oklaunion, TX 04/17/2013

Oklaunion, TX 04/17/2013

This afternoon Photographer Justin Terveen and I made our way up into SW Oklahoma following severe thunderstorms as they moved slowly northeast. We even stopped by the KFDR radar site to give our well-wishes that it continue to operate properly.. something it seemed reluctant to do this spring.

We followed the first cell a few miles further northeast but dropped it north of Chattanooga, OK.
We then headed west to a cell south of Manitou that really put on a show.

As this cell moved east we checked the area and decided to go south, back into Texas to sample a couple of other new cells.
After trailing around after one northwest of Vernon we intercepted and followed another one south of Vernon back to Oklaunion then north into Oklahoma.
It showed a strong, rotating wall cloud and from our vantage point a cone funnel.

We later discovered it was actually a brief tornado as witnessed by other chasers further east of us at the time.
We cut north through the core to Davidson then east toward Granfield. Along the way we nearly became 'one' with a new area of circulation just west of town.

Total miles driven: = 746

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