Guthrie, TX 05/08/2013

Guthrie, TX 05/08/2013

Cells were firing today along a north / south line just west of highway 82 in west Texas.
One cell on the southern end of the line caught my attention near Guthrie, TX.
Just south of Guthrie it treated me to a show in the form of a solid, rotating wall cloud.

As the cell was turning toward the southeast I repositioned further south along 82 and caught
this brief, dusty and nearly transparent tornado.

Again repositioning further south and a little west on a secondary
road I caught a peek up into the vault before the cell weakened.

Looking further south another cell was showing it's teeth. Although it produced
very large hail in Anson,TX it too weakened and died as the sun set.

Total miles driven: = 544

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