Carter, OK 05/29/2013

Carter, OK 05/29/2013

This afternoon I followed a couple of cells from north of Childress,TX over
into SW Oklahoma. Upon first encountering one cell it had a nice, solid wall
cloud for a bit but then seemed to lose it's energy.

After crossing into Oklahoma south of Erick it tried again to produce but I never
saw anything. Other chasers in the same area later reported seeing some ground circulation.

I punched the core containing some small to moderate sized hail (less than 2") and arrived
in Erick, OK where the power was out and some tree limbs were down south of I-40.
I traveled east to Sayre then south to Carter where the storm seemed to be getting much more organized.

I relocated a few times further east, trying to stay with the storm but darkness prevailed.

Total miles driven: = 682

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