02/24/2011 Southern AR, Northern LA

02/24/2011 Southern Arkansas, Northern Louisiana

This afternoon I made my way up I-30 from Dallas through NE Texas to Texarkana, TX.
Along the way I was joined by David Reimer. We took US 82 eastward out of Texas stopping
at Waldo,AR to check data. After a while we continued further eastward to El Dorado,AR
where we were joined by Kris Hair, Janette Bontempo, Aaron Estman and Erik Fox.
We were hoping to catch a few discrete supercells out in front of a line of storms
ahead of an approaching front but time was not on our side.
Kris Hair, Janette and I met the line while at the El Dorado airport a few miles
west of town while the others traveled south to sample other cells in the line.

High winds and heavy rain made for poor visibility. After intercepting the line we made our way
south to intercept more cells however the storm speeds made that nearly impossible.
While traveling south out of town toward Louisiana, I-20 and subsequently home
I was fortunate to catch a few lightning strikes here and there.

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