03/24/2011 near Snyder,TX

This afternoon I started my chase in Colorado City,TX where it seems the DQ signs
are a bit heartier than Exxon signs against the west Texas winds.

I traveled west to Coahoma,TX and turned north to check on a couple of cells.

The northern cell in Borden county seemed to be a bit healthier and was moving east toward Snyder.
I made my way up highway 350 to Snyder then north on 208 to W. Ennis Creek Rd. where I intercepted.

Looking west from 208.

Looking east from 208 (on W. Ennis Creek Rd.)

The cell dumped a considerable amount of 1/2" hail on 208 as it moved eastward.

A bit further up 208 I stopped again to look east at the cell

As the cell moved further east I followed 208 to Clairemont,TX then south on 70 to punch the core.
Going east out of Rotan I encountered more hail and RFD.

Lightning was not in short supply.

Some of the lightning was weird and crazy, just like me.

Total miles driven: 612

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