Jucticeburg, TX 04/16/2009

On Thursday 04/16/2009 I drove from Dallas,TX west on highway 180 stopping in Snyder,TX.
Shortly after arriving a tornado warning was issued for one of the storms north of town.
I drove north on US 84 to approximately 5 miles south of Justiceburg, TX.

I drove about two miles further up the road and stopped to shoot more video.
The following is a time-lapse segment to show the cloud motion.

As the storm crossed to the northeast I continued north on US 84 to Post, TX. From there I drove east on highway 380 to intercept the storm again as it crossed the area from southwest to northeast near Clairemont,TX. As night fell it became very difficult to see any storm features except for the nearly continuous lightning. I found where the storms hail core had recently crossed the road in front of me. The tracks you see in the hail were from the TVN crew
which I caught up with in Aspermont,TX a short time later.

This was the first actual chase of the year with a total of 636 miles driven..

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