Texas Panhandle 04/22/2010

Leaving Amarillo,TX I went south on 287 to CR.1, just on the very western edge of Donley county.

There, I sat and watched cells approaching from the SW.

I then went north on CR.1 to the end of public road and watched
one cells rotating wall cloud and subsequent funnel before it was rain-wrapped.

I talked briefly w/ chaser Bart Comstock who was just south of me at the time.
Afterward I went south on 287 to Clarendon then took 273 north to just north of Howardwick.
Looking west across Lake Greenbelt at the area where I had just been I took stills and video of a cone tornado.

I then proceeded north to I-40 and then north on 2477 to Lake McClellan.
On the north side of the lake I took a direct hit from a possibly 2.5" (or larger) hail stone that left a nice big dent in the roof of the vehicle.
While filming in this location I was passed by the TIV and crew that were heading north into the hail.
I decided quickly to re-position to the southern part of the lake where I observed a rapidly rotating wall cloud
that eventually showed me two small tornadoes directly over the lake from my cliff-side vantage point.

I also saw the TVN Dominator and crew behind me at my southern location.
Both tornadoes were actually satellite vortices of a much larger area of circulation.
The entire area of circulation was centered over the lake and was beginning to become rain-wrapped.
As it was apparent that the storm was intensifying I decided to better my position and retreat a little further south.
Stopping at the 2477 / I-40 wb service road I took more stills and video of yet another developing funnel.

Click here for additional video.

I took I-40 eastbound to McLean then south on 273 to Hedley.
I traveled south on 287 to just past Childress where I connected with Bart Comstock once more.
We worked the area around Goodlett and Quanah waiting on tornado-warned cells to approach from the south.
We saw an incredible lightning show from a few cells but unfortunately I saw no more funnels or tornadoes.
After a long day I finally headed south back to Dallas, arriving home around 3:00am.

Total miles driven: 462

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