North Texas 04/23/2011

North Texas 04/23/2011

Today's chase begins in Decatur,TX where I was sitting north of town on 287
watching two cells developing. One cell had grown very quickly northeast
of Alvord so I tagged along. Getting in behind the cell I got
a double rainbow treat right off the bat. Nice way to start a chase.

Not long afterward I found a few good viewing positions to catch rotating
wall clouds and a few funnels here and there. Along the way I had the
good fortune to say "hi" to chaser Gene Moore.

There was also a close encounter with the TIV II as I inadvertently
infiltrated it's convoy as they entered the road from a side road.

I stopped with a chasers Scott Peake, David Reimer along with
a trooper and local area FD at an intersection very near
an area of intense rotation.

The trooper reported that a local fire dept just had their windshield
knocked out by "orange sized hail" near Gainesville.
I stayed close to the updraft area as I made my way through downtown
Gainesville then east on highway 82 toward Sherman, stopping near Whitesboro
to take a few more shots and video.

As the storm was beginning to gust out and darkness had
fallen I turned south from Sherman toward home.

Total miles driven: = 218

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