On Tuesday 05/12/2009 I drove from Dallas,TX to the Childress, TX area where several cells were developing. As I arrived in Childress I saw one cell moving north out of the area as another was building to the south. Just west of Childress I caught what appeared to be a gust-nado from the southern cell.

As I was turning around on 287 to head back into Childress I saw a few vehicles from Vortex 2.

The storm to the south had to get my attention between vehicles.

Back in Childress I got a few more images of the V2 crew.

Since there was still a good bit of daylight left I decided to look a little closer at the cell that had moved north of town. I headed north on 83/62 about 10 miles or so. The cell was further than I was willing to go and the storms to the south had begun to form a MCS.

I headed south to Childress then east down 287 toward Dallas. As I went I got pounded by several cells in the MCS as it progressed east. Data was spotty at best and I knew that there was a tornado-warned cell nearby. As it was dark I couldn't see much but I certainly found the RFD when I was just about to enter Vernon, TX on 287. In the later part of the following video you can see the headlights of an 18 wheeler on the far left side having a really difficult time battling the very strong winds.

On a lonely dirt road off the highway near Electra,TX I stopped to capture one last parting shot.

This was a fun chase. Even though I didn't capture a tornado on video I did get to see part of the Vortex 2 expedition as they started their season. Total miles driven were approximately 525.

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