Borden and Dawson Co. TX 05/14/2009

On Thursday 05/14/2009 while driving west into Gail,TX on highway 180
I was fortunate to observe a most unusual sight between two towers.

As I exited Gail and rounded the north side of Gail Peak I got to see this feature from another angle.

Continuing west I caught up with a tornado-warned (by radar) cell near Lamesa, TX.
Daylight was waning as I approached. Here is a poor shot of the cell from east of Lamesa on 180.
The wall cloud is barely visible just to the left of the road.

The cell had become nothing more than a prolific hail producer.
I positioned myself just east of the hail core to observe for a bit before embarking on the long drive home.

Another chaser, David Drummond, was further west of my location and directly in the path of the hail core. He experienced very large hail that battered his vehicle. Giving insult to injury his vehicle was further severely damage when a valve landed on it after an oil tank exploded. He was filming a tank fire that most likely was the result of a lightning strike during the storm.

Just a little worthwhile information: Lamesa streets turn into rivers after heavy rains.

This was a the longest chase of the season so far with 654 miles driven.

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