North Texas 05/24/2011

North Texas 05/24/2011

A big day for severe weather in Texas and Oklahoma.
I intercepted developing cells near Graham, TX staying with them east
toward Bridgeport then south to near Azle.
More cells were firing and moving into the area from the southwest.
I went to Boyd then to west of Springtown where I observed many
lowerings and much hail.

I stayed with the Springtown storm as it made its way down 199 toward the metroplex.
Near 820 and Rufe Snow I witnessed signs, bits of roof and other
debris blowing across the highway.

Further east I stopped on 183 just west of Brown Trail to capture video
of a wall cloud, funnel and possible tornado to the northeast.
This event may have been the birth of the Irving,TX tornado.

The white circle in the image below denotes my actual position on this
radar pic that was captured a few minutes after the video above was taken.

Total miles driven: = 278

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