Central Texas 06/11/2009
On Thursday, 06/11/2009 I traveled south on highway 67 out of Dallas toward Cleburne, TX. The storm I was watching began turning to the south. I traveled further southwest to track this cell from near Hamilton,TX south to near Cedar Park, TX.

The road network prevented me from getting around to the southwest side of the storm.
I stayed east of the south moving storm but still grazed the core several times.

The pic below was taken while I was traveling south on highway 281 just south of Adamsville,TX.

This shot was taken just a little further south. The colors in this storm were incredible.

Below is a still taken from the video segment east of Lampasas.
The suspicious funnel shaped cloud is actually a tail cloud leading
into the wall cloud.

Here is a time-lapse segment of the video I took about 4 miles east of Lampasas,TX on highway 190 looking south.

While I grazed the core of this storm many times I did manage to catch
what may have been a baseball sized hail stone.
This is what it can do to the hood when it hits.

Total miles driven for this event were 405.

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