Haskell,TX 06/13/2009
On Saturday, 06/13/2009 I traveled from Dallas,TX to my original target area of Wichita Falls,TX. I realized after I arrived that I was off quite a bit as convection was actually much further south and west than I anticipated. I headed southwest, eventually arriving in Albany,TX where I watched and waited on a bluff overlooking the highway on the west side of town. While watching the storm to the northwest I was entertained by the local Sheriff and DPS who were busily pulling over speeders on the highway below.

I traveled further west on 180 to north highway 6 to intercept a storm that had been reported
to have a tornado wrapped in dust just south of Haskell,TX.

Seeing no tornado, only lots of dust, I returned home to log a total of 490 miles for this event.

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