Central OK 10/22/2011

Central OK 10/22/2011

This afternoons chase started out with a micro chaser convergence in Ardmore, OK
Chasers Russ Contreras, Scott McArthur, David Reimer and Mike Boik
joined me as we all waited for storms to fire.

After a while we decided to head north to intercept cells firing near OKC.
One cell near Ada caught our eye.

As we were close to losing daylight we opted to forgo the cells further north and turned east toward Ada.
We stopped along the way for lightning shots and to measure some hail that fell NW of Ada.

Afterward we relocated down to one of the scenic turnouts near Davis OK. to watch the arrival of the cells
from the north that were developing ahead of a strong front pushing south through the area.

Eventually we made our way further south where I chose to intercept other cells
between Gainesville and Sherman,TX. Afterward I made my way back down to Dallas
to catch the system yet again and get a few more shots of ominous shelf clouds and lightning.

No tornadoes even though we thought we may have seen one from near Davis, OK.
All in all still a fun chase with good friends.

Total miles driven: = 414

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