05/07/2014 TX/OK

05/07/2014 NW TX / S OK

This afternoon Jenny Brown and I started out near Archer City, TX and followed several cells in the area as they rapidly built but fell. One created an impressive sight with a dust foot spreading out as the storm collapsed.
This video is a time lapse of the dust foot encountered NW of Archer City,TX on TX-25 near Lake Kickapoo.

As one cell became dominate and began a slow trek eastward we followed along.

The following video shows hail falling as we travel east on FM 1954 south of Wichita Falls.

The cell formed a well defined, picturesque wall cloud for a while but never produced a tornado.

We followed as the cell continued it's eastward movement.

Eventually we crossed over the Red River into Oklahoma where the cell dumped more hail and eventually became outflow dominate. At that point we stopped in Warika, OK and took this shot along the front edge.

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